A new beginning*

Press Start to Continue by Mike McNary

Press Start to Continue by Mike McNary

During the winter months people wait for the spring to come and restart their lives. And when that happens, people are happy, everything, even the nature, is fresh and breezy and there is so much motivation to start new projects and conquer new peaks. However, ideas about new things come and go through the year, not only in the spring or in Wednesday, but when it comes to the execution of the ideas things are getting kinda difficult.

At least for me that’s the case. I decided to start a new blog in English just to be able to practice my writing. Few weeks later I made the blog. Couple of days later I filled the about me page and made everything ready to show to people. But it took me couple of weeks just to try and write anything and the result was 3 lines of bullshit. That’s not exactly motivating.

So I decided to just write few lines about this experience and share it with the world. I hope this is the way out of the desperate lack of motivation moment in which I am.

PS: Would you like to read some stories from summer festivals around Europe? Because I plan a post for every festival I visited this summer.

*Kinda odd, but on my 18th birthday Barack Obama gave a speech named “A new beginning”. Or just another one of the things you learn while randomly read through Wikipedia.


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