Farewell to summer

On the road
It sounds ridiculous to say summer’s almost gone while outside is 37C, but it’s a fact. This Friday night I went out with friends and there were much more people outside than last week. Friends are calling to meet and share stories from our vacations. My editor is setting me deadlines and the supplementary examination at the university started already. It gets dark well before 9 pm and the wish to put on these favourite jeans, which would bring you heatstroke if you put them on right now, is getting stronger and stronger.

Regardless of our wishes, summer’s out. Even its last epic heatwaves and ‘beach’ weather won’t change that. I’m actually glad it’s coming to an end because it was really long and hot with so much emotions, places and experiences that I just want to stay home drinking tea and reading while is raining outside.

While I’m waiting there are few interesting things to do. Firstly I have to pass my exams. That’s not as hard as I want it to sound but still is a challenge. Second, I’ve got my tech rubric in one of my favourite magazines, so I must meet deadlines and write assigned articles. And last, but not least, I have to prepare all things for Warrior’s Dance Festival in September and my dream-coming-true concert of Muse in November. The big problem here is not that I feel badly obligated to go to these concerts, just my financials are running out and I’m yet to figure all the travel plans, as both are outside of Bulgaria.

I realise I’m waiting for the fall because all nice things that will come along with the falling leaves. The bad part of it is the winter that follows after all leaves are down. Since all leaves are on their places yet, I can just say farewell to summer and wave for goodbye.


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