My sister

There are very few people in my life who have really huge impact on my decisions and thinking. My sister is definitely one of them. She left Bulgaria two years ago and went to Denmark after week of hitchhiking.

When she left she didn’t knew any language but had a small English dictionary. She left her relatively good job at big company for unknown life in unknown place. And made it!

Now she’s still living in Copenhagen and is working really hard to achieve her goals and big dreams. For two years she managed to learn some speakable English without any lessons and started Danish lessons. I have to mention she consider herself bad with languages.

Every time we meet we have really long talks about life the universe and everything, which I love and hate simultaneously. She’s party animal and we have really good time drinking and partying together. Unfortunately we can meet just once or twice  a year.

Today is my sister’s 24th birthday. Due the distance between us I can’t give her proper gift, so I decided to share with the world how cool she is. Dear world, please meet Sandy – the coolest sis on Earth!

The coolest sis on Earth

Happy Birthday :).


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