UKF presented awesomeness

I never mentioned it here before, but aside from my love for indie rock, I’m really into dubstep. This affection is growing for the last year or something and when I found out about the UKF party at my favourite club in Sofia – Mixtape 5, I was really hyped.

UKF BulgariaI need to mention the host of the party True Badness who are really amazing guys for bringing UKF here. If you’re unaware of it – UKF started as two YouTube channels dedicated to dubstep and drum&bass but later became bigger and now serves as some kind of promoter for this music. They hold a lot of parties around Europe and present many of the best DJs playing bass music.

But let’s get back to Sofia and our UKF party which happened last night. For me all started just before midnight when I, my roommate Martin and two Austrian couchsurfers we hosted for the weekend, went to the club. During our first beers the dubstep hall wasn’t crowded and the beats weren’t something special. However, soon enough the Bulgarian DJ Knife kicked in with some heavy beats that made the crowd move a little more.

DJ Knife. Photo: BG : Mikser

The actual party started with Diamondz – another local DJ. He took over and played really sick tunes for the already huge throng. These were the first moments when everybody was jumping and dancing. Diamondz’s set was very good with well calculated ups and downs that gave us time to rest between the harder parts, during which people were going amok.

During a cigarette break I saw that Cookie Monsta – the headliner of the party, won’t come because his flight was delayed by WizzAir. Regardless of the fact I’m not a big fan of him I was disappointed. May be it was because that was yet another cancelled artist who was supposed to play in Bulgaria. Of course we managed to have good time and happily the promoters promised another party with Cookie Monsta.

The British duo Genetix brought dirtier sound and few moments which were more dancy than jumpy. At the end of their set they throwed a skateboard into the crowd and I fought for it. Sadly, I lost it in rock, paper, scissors game when only me and one other guy were left with the board in hands. Nevertheless, I fought bravely and now I have nasty bruises on my hands.

Photo: BG : Mikser

The last DJ I heard was Gemini. His set started good but soon after that it got boring for my taste. The part I heard had some things from Skrillex’s tracks mixed with some strange beats to jump on. And I’m not really into pointless jumping at parties. That’s why I offered the guys to go home and we did.

Although I didn’t went to the drum&bass hall I had amazing time. I think that was easily the best party I’ve been to. I really hope to see Cookie Monsta soon on another party good as this one. Until then I’ll be stuck on UKF’s channels even more than before.


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