About traveling to old places

I’m in beautiful Budapest right now, to visit one of the many local anime conventions – Mondocon. Budapest is the only city abroad that I’m visiting for second time and I like the feeling. Unlike the first visit I feel more like home and better oriented now. And here comes the question – what is the thing about visiting new places and coming back again and again?

I know there are many people going to new places just to see the buildings, drink local beer or take a picture for Facebook. Of course I do all these things, too. However, my biggest reason to travel is to share new experiences. And I think I’m doing it pretty well.

Last night two local guys asked me for corkscrew in the shop, while I was buying myself a local beer. After we opened the wine and said “egészségére” we had a little chat about studying, smoking and going to bars. After we smoked our cigarettes we parted ways for good. Then I walked to my CouchSurfing host’s place, while my iPod played me some tunes by Art Blakey.

This experience is the thing I’ll remember longer than the undoubtedly beautiful buildings of Budapest I passed by on my way. Also I’ll remember the punk beer bar I went to with my host on my first night. Or the impossible to remember Hungarian words, and the old man who was talking to me in Hungarian, while I was explaining things in English. And many other little events and charming details about this trip.

That’s because traveling is all about sharing and receiving experiences. And coming back to a place is like coming back to these little events and nice memories you made here, just to make new ones and carry back home. This makes me feel really good for coming back in Budapest again in just a month.


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