We’re all kids

Inspiration is something really awkward in my live. I’m always looking for it but I’m only finding it when I’m not looking. I guess that goes for everybody out there, so I won’t moan about it. Still, how comes we’re only inspired when we’re paying attention to specific, uninspiring things?

For example I’ve got some really nice ideas about stuff I’ve been wondering recently, while having a 12 hours bus travel. The thing is that travel was the most boring thing since my last 14 hours bus travel. The whole time I was listening to music while the driver was playing the ridiculously dumb Rush Hour movie. I tried to read a book, to write a thing, to listen more carefully to the music on my iPod but at the end I was always bored to death. And at the exact moment I gave up, ideas were flooding my mind out of nowhere.

I guess the reason is hidden in the fact that humans are children. You know how kids always tend to do the exactly opposite of what you want them to do? And this overwhelming moment when you leave them alone and they magically do what you wanted. The same goes with inspiration and doing things altogether. I’m always bored to death when I need to write my weekly article for the magazine I work for. In the mean time  I’m full of ideas exactly ten minutes after I send the e-mail with the text.

I guess this happens with people’s minds when comes to ideas, too. You just need to drift off, be calm and start daydreaming to be able to produce anything good. It’s not like the other way is impossible, just the results are much worse.

So be children and let yourself daydreaming and playing around. It always helps.


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