Learning English


Teacher (Photo credit: tim ellis)

I’m learning English. I mean, with a teacher, exercises and everything else. Until now my knowledge for the language was based on TV shows, video games and news articles. As a result I have really good passive knowledge for the language. The mission my teacher and I are facing is the upgrade of my active knowledge. Her words.

So, after three English lessons I feel like my world is falling apart. Month ago life was easy and I wasn’t questioning every third word I wrote. Now my head feels like hit by train and I stumble upon every word I try to write in English, even when I tweet or post a facebook status. The worst of it is that I never experienced something like this before. I have always been the guy who remembers everything just by listening in class. Contrary to my habits now I need to study hard for every class. And I still can’t manage to be as good as I want to.

However, I’m sure I’ll be way more optimistic about it in just a month. But for now I’ll stick to my bitching about how hard it is for me. The good part of it is that I have the coolest and most supportive teacher you can think of. She makes tasty cakes, drinks excellent tea and reads good books(and lends them to me), so we can talk about the books while eating cake over a cup of tea.


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