Teaching photography

keep calm and take pictures

My photography philosophy in a nutshell (Photo credit: tyler.wainright)

I told you about my English classes in my last post. I also mentioned my awesome teacher. What I missed was how I ‘pay’ for her teaching. The answer is simple – I’m teaching Photography. Believe me it was as shocking for me.

I do know stuff about photography. I know how DSLR cameras work, what is the process when you shoot a picture, what are aperture, shutter, depth of field, etc. However, I am totally clueless about teaching. For years I’ve been thinking what would be like if I become one but I never even imagined it could happen to me. At least not so soon. Or teaching Photography.

The story is that I was bitching about my English to L. (my English teacher), whose job description is English teacher. So at one point she offered me to teach me. I told her that at the moment I can’t afford it but she said ‘Don’t worry I’ll think of a way you’ll repay me’. Few weeks later, after few more conversations on the topic, we met to discuss my English classes. At the end of it I asked L. about the payment and she was like “Teach me photography”. I’m not 100% sure, but I think I laughed before accepting in a little shock.

So, now I’m learning English, which feels surprisingly close to banging my head to a wall, and teach Photography. The latter feels horribly wrong and inappropriate but still so satisfying. The best part of it is I’ve learned so much more about photography than ever before. So, double thank you, L.


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