Keep it simple

"Letterpress Paul Rand Quote" by David Marshall and Elizabeth Ellis © All Rights Reserved

“Letterpress Paul Rand Quote” by David Marshall and Elizabeth Ellis © All Rights Reserved

With fourteen posts, for almost two years of it’s existence, I can’t really call Eastern Things a blog. Quantity doesn’t matter, some will argue, as long as there is quality. And they’ll be absolutely right.

The thing is I have really high criteria about quality, and really low self-esteem when it comes to my English writing skills.

I mean, I’m reading Medium on a weekly basis, The New York Times, The Verge, Pitchfork, even Thought Catalog. And what these sources share is the quality of writing, which I don’t feel like I’m able to achieve, although I really want it.

And then comes my biggest problem. Until few weeks ago I always wanted to strike some long and deep text concerning some long and deep problem. And that’s the worst way to start anything.

Right now I have a new plan that is quite simple – just write. It’s normal to start with just bits and snippets but that’s the only way to grow to longer thoughts and big essays.

I’ll be glad if you follow me in my way to the 1000 word post and I hope you won’t be too bored until then. Anyway thanks for the support – past and future.


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