On tolerance


Tolerance by Don Moyer, on Flickr

In modern societies people generally agree that anyone can be as different as they want, as long as they don’t make others suffer. We accept and approve people who have different sexual preferences, gender, race, origins, and so on. But what’s going on with accepting people with different opinions? Is it possible for, let’s call them closed-minded people, to exist in this tolerant world?

Ever so often I see people who are deeply offended because somebody doesn’t like gay people around themselves. Or because someone have the opinion that women don’t really fit in some jobs. Every time there’s such a “controversial” opinion a storm of aggressive tolerant people shows up to explain the importance of acceptance and so on. I believe that’s really not OK, although I absolutely agree that we should accept everyone as what they are.

However, I believe that I have the right to get annoyed by overly queer gay men. As I have the right to get annoyed by cocky macho men. But more importantly I absolutely believe that I have the right to share my opinion about it – I don’t like such people. Although logic says this should be OK, reality is different and we all know it.

Tolerance is about accepting people as they are, even when you don’t like their lifestyle, opinion, religion, or whatever you can dislike about someone. Tolerance is definitely not about putting “different” in pedestal for the sake of it. Actually tolerance is all about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, so you can understand why they act and think that way.

After this little rant, I beg you – be tolerant not only about gender, sexuality or skin tone but also about opinions and ideas.


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