How I Made The Most Of Christmas All By Myself

Lisbon Christmas

Lisbon (Christmas) by mgkm photography, on Flickr

My family is a weird one and it never had special Christmas traditions and rituals, except my aunt’s yearly Christmas Eve dinner, that’s happening since she started her own family. However, even if we had any traditions they would’ve be gone because almost everyone else lives abroad. Probably that’s the reason I always feel really confused about the week, between Christmas Eve and New Year’s day, when everyone, including my girlfriend, is with their own families. This confusion made me feel a bit of hatred about this period of the year for most of my life. After all what is there to love about being alone in your apartment, while everyone posts happy things online?

This year was actually a crazy one. I lived through many awesome things but I was never able to enjoy them, because most of the time I was focused on something else. That’s why I don’t feel like I made the most of my trips to Lisbon, Barcelona and Budapest, neither the few freelance months I’ve dreamed about for quite a while. When I realised all that, I promised to myself that I’ll do my best to enjoy every moment, instead of longing for some distant future when everything will be perfect. That’s the more important part of my decision to get excited about Christmas 2014 and my attempt to get the most of it. The other part includes a little physics. At some point I realised Christmas time is the darkest of the year, just because around Winter Solstice we experience the longest nights and the shortest days.

All this means we really need something to brighten our lives and what can do it better than sparkling lights, nice gifts and cheerful songs? So that’s why this year I hindered myself from the usual Christmas hate. Instead, I bought a tiny, artificial Christmas tree with Christmas lights and put it in my room, sparkling every evening. I actually bought the usual gifts – mostly books, but instead of the familiar clumsy bags, I gave most of them in beautiful wrappings. Last but certainly not least, I dug through Spotify and played huge amount of non-Michael Buble Christmas songs. The smaller steps include a spike in my ginger latte consumption and rock bottom levels of hate, not just Christmas.

We all know that I’ll lie if I tell somebody that’s my best Christmas ever. After all I’ll still prefer to be with many nice people, eating tasty food in unhealthy amounts and watching dumb movies, instead of that afternoon coffee in my empty flat. However, this year’s Christmas is my most festive one since I started living on my own and it’s all my own fault. I just made myself excited about the holidays and didn’t let myself plunge into the usual anti-Christmas mood. For me that’s pretty big lesson that the holidays, probably our whole live, are whatever we want them to be and even the snowless Christmas can’t change that.


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